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10th Year Reunion

In order not to overload those on a modem, just the descriptions are on this page, click on them to see the photos.

All photos are courtesy of Felicia Korengel. If you have more, PLEASE send them!!!
Some of the photos are a little dark, check back in a few days - I am working on them in Photoshop.

Class Party Pictures WUSTL Quad

Amy Stabenow & Randy Cox at the Class Party.
Amy & Felicia under the big tent at the Class Party
Missy and Russ Gentile
Thom & Noelle Chesney
Thom, Felicia & Photine Liakos   
Felicia, Missy, Heidi Fuchs, Cassandra Ma & Amy
Julie Lee, Missy, Heidi, Paul Eykamp & Felicia mugging up at the Party.

Gala Dinner Pictures

Mike Seale, Mariela Garcia-Coldberg, Jim Gulley, Lynn Frankel, Paul Eykamp, Brienne Merritt McCabe, Degan Pener  reliving memories or something...
Dave and Robin Guthridge, Missy and Russ Gentile, Sandra Liu Mahoney
Chancellor Danforth and some of the Class of '88
Lynn Frankel, Paul Eykamp and Uncle Bill!!! Two Former Speakers and a Former Chancellor

Picnic Photos

Heidi, Pierre, Julie Lee, Missy and Russ Gentile, Karin Riley Danganan, & Cassandra at the picnic.
Pierre and Cassandra Ma LeVan at the picnic--Saturday
Brienne Merritt McCabe, Clyde and Karin Riley Danganan
Mariela Garcia-Colberg and Heidi Fuchs
Water Balloon Toss
Gentiles and LeBans
Brienne Merritt McCabe and Paul Eykamp
Lynn Frankel and Julie Lee

At Ted Drews

Mariela, Julie, Heidi, Dan Katz Waiting for our concretes at Ted Drews.
Julie Lee and Art Hinshaw posing in front of Ted Drews

An Exploratory Committee for a possible 15th year Reunion is already underway! 
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Kevin Suiter 10th Reunion and 15th Reunion Exploratory Committee Chair
Lynn Frankel Norton, 15th Reunion Exploratory Committee Vice Chair
Paul Eykamp, Ph.D., Webmaster, 15th Reunion Exploratory Committee Secretary

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Paul W. Eykamp

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